Doodling is not something I grew out of, but something I continue to grow into. 

Mainly experimenting with black and white, but occasionally with color, I strive to create patterns, textures, and characters with little planning.

The practice revolves around following the pen, paintbrush, marker, crayon, or scissor. any surface is a canvas, and no line is an error.

I only listen to my hands, and what comes out is what you see.

There is no editing, only rediscovery.

I learned from having parents who let me cover the kitchen table in paper and spill my entire crayon collection onto it. 

I practiced mostly in school, and also everywhere else. Many images are inspired from small ideas that started between the margins of my class notes, on diner placemats, on restaurant napkins. 

I am always beginning, and always expanding. 

I love creating for people: to make art is to share it. 

Enjoy the organized chaos, and thank you so much for visiting. 

Love, Mia‚Äč