Mia Capotorto Sommese



Mia Capotorto Sommese is a lyricist, playwright and poet.

Along with composer Jonathan Winton Brenner, Mia has written The Exhibit (former working title: Sapien, Sapien, Sapien) and A Fully Seasoned Life. The Exhibit was last showcased in the New York Theatre Barn New Work Series in 2016 and both of these musicals received workshop productions with Baby Crow Productions, a theater company focused on work that is environmentally and socially conscious. Mia and Jonathan have also written featured songs for Pyramus and Thisbe (New Collective) and The Merchant of Venice (Secret Theatre).  

Mia was recognized as a Featured Artist at the International Women’s Artist Salon at Dixon Place in New York City for her lyric writing and poetry. 

Writing samples available upon request. 

Mia is currently the Education Programs Associate at the New Victory Theater. She received her BA in English from Boston University and her MA in Theatre from Hunter College.